How it Works

Mainly SAFETY in this field, which concerns us all, we must emphasize that safety is above all in this sector the most important. Classified into two types: Personal is the security coverage that the user must have when using the devices, guaranteeing their perfect state of use as the different platforms or payment gateways that will meet the essential requirements, complying with the regulations stipulated by the Bank of Spain.
The location of the machines achieved is also of greater importance, since such machines will be located within the internal environment of the establishment or room. Providing the user with greater comfort of use and can be advised by the staff of the establishment.
Business coverage offered for the business is no less important. Since the device offers the quality of granting the requested amount through a user support (cards, codes and / or SMS) that will be used in the different gaming operating machines, thus offering a single collection drawer controlled and monitored by the methods internal security of the device and the establishment’s own personal surveillance.

ATM components:

  •  Camera: Camera.
  • 15 ”Touch Display: 15-inch touch screen.
  • Barcode Reader: Barcode scanner.
  •  Bank Card Reader (Slot with bolt): Bank Card Reader (Slot with bolt)
    cap screw).
  • Contactless Card Reader (Slot): Contactless card reader (Slot).
  •  PinPad (Slot with bolt): PinPad (Slot with bolt).
  •  Receipt Outlet: Receipt output.
  • Card dispenser: Card dispenser.
  • Side key opening (Both sides): Side key opening (both sides).
  • 7 ”Touch Display with 45 ° angle: 7-inch touch screen with 45 ° angle.
  •  Magnetic Card dispenser (CRT591): Card dispenser with band
    magnetic model CRT591.
  • Cash Dispenser (€ 10 and € 50): € 10 and € 50 cash dispenser.
  •  Time-delayed Opening mechanism: Delayed opening mechanism