How does it work

Our app FINO POS is a remote operation mobile App which generates withdrawal codes in our ATM,
for the dispensing of supports (TICKET, QR, CARD) with playable credits,
all managed by our Backend, which communicates both the App and the ATM in a secure way.

This application has the following sections:

1. Administration menu, with password.
1.1 Enter users that facilitate the operation.
1.2 Modify users / Reset password / Disable, etc.
1.3 Application settings, change data such as: company name, address, etc. within the company profile in the application.
1.4 Transaction statistics, a history of operations either Completed or Canceled.
1.5 Request for help, in case of having any problem you can send a message with technical support, without leaving the application.
1.6 New Operation, a user of the application is selected to start a new operation.

2. Main operating menu simplified to three most used options: new operation, delivery list, history.
2.1 In the new Sales Operation, an amount is requested and it is confirmed, then a card is requested and a name or customer alias is also assigned for that operation.
2.2 List of withdrawals pending to go to the ATM to enter the withdrawal code that will return a card with credits.
2.3 Once the cashier confirms that the card has been withdrawn, the application is notified that the operation is pending delivery to the user.
2.4 To confirm the delivery of the credit card, the user is requested to sign.
2.5 Operation completed, go to history.

FINO POS is the perfect complement for our ATMs since it expands the possibilities to maximize the profits of the gambling hall