FINANSOPORTES CONSULTING S.L., informs you, This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit this site. According to the regulation (UE) 2016/679, of data treatment (RGPD), April 27th 2016.

This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used, shared and protected. This Privacy Policy applies to the treatment of your personal data gathered by this enterprise for their services. By accepting this data treatment you are consenting for your user data to be treated in this way.


The entity responsible for data treatment:
NIF: B88117551
Address: Calle Galileo Galilei, Nave 54, Arroyomolinos, Madrid, España. CP: 28939
Contact phone: +34 902 070 735


We have always been interested in sharing pur services with the highest degree of quality, which allows us to be transparent in the treatment of your data. These are our principles:

Legal: We would only gather your personal info for specific, explicit and legitimate ends

Minimizing data: We limit the recompilation of personal data to only strictly relevant and necessary for providing the services required.

Data Retention: We would only gather your personal data for the purpose of the declared services and according to your wishes.

Precision: We would keep your personal data info exact and updated.

Data Security: We apply the right technical and organizational measures proportional to the possible risks to guarantee your data is not at risk of divulgation, unauthorized accesses, accidental or illicit deletion, loss or any other alteration or illicit treatment of said data.

Access and Rectification: We allow the possibility to access or rectify your personal info at your own discretion.

Conservation: We preserve your personal info appropriately and legally and only for as long as needed for the needs in which it was collected in the first place.

International transfers: When time comes to transfer your personal info outside of UE/EEE it will be dealt with appropriately.

Third parties: Accessibility and transfer of personal information to third parties are done following the laws and applicable regulations with the according contractual guarantees.

Direct Marketing and Cookies: We comply with the according applicable legislations in publicity and cookies.


The different types of information treated and solicited are the following:

Identification Data

We will also collect your traffic on our website automatically, as described in the ‘Cookies Section’ further ahead
We will always inform you very clearly of which personal data and to what end.
Our purpose for general data collection:
– Providing information about our products and services

– Provide our services
– Answer your queries and solicitations 
According to the normative of data protection applicable your data could be procreated if:

– You gave consent to the effects of data treatment. Of course you will be able to deny consent at any time.
– It is necessary for one or more of our services contracted between you and us.
– With said treatment we look for a legitimate interest that doesn’t diminish your very own privacy rights. Said legitimate interest will be communicated accordingly in the privacy announcement linked to said particular treatment.
– It is required by Law


The data collected can be shared with related enterprises of FINANSOPORTES CONSULTING S.L. for the purpose of offering quality diversified services. . FINANSOPORTES CONSULTING S.L will not cease this data sharing except by legal obligations.
In relation to collection and treatment of your personal information you can contact us anytime to:
– Know if we are treating your personal information.
– Access your personal data and any other information indicated in Article 15.1 of RGPD.
– Rectify errors or incomplete information according to Article 16 of RGPD.
– Suppress your personal information according to Article 17 of RGPD.
– Limit treatment of your personal information according to Article 18 of RGPD.
– Solicit portability of your personal information according to Article 20 of RGPD.
– Opposing treatment of your personal information according to Article  21 of RGPD.
If you have given consent with any concrete finality you have the right to finalize your consent at any moment without it having to affect the state of data treatment previously imparted. To finalize data treatment, send an email to:


This Policy requirements compliment and don’t replace any other requirement existing under the law of data protection of applicable information which has priority in any case.

This policy is subject of periodical revisions and FINANSOPORTES CONSULTING S.L. can modify it in any moment. If this so happens you will be updated and informed of any change and you will be asked to review our most current version and to confirm your agreement.